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Placenta Encapsulation - ships nationwide Bliss and Baby Co
Placenta Encapsulation - ships nationwide Bliss and Baby Co
Placenta Encapsulation - ships nationwide
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Placenta medicine – Perfectly made for you by you!

Many new mothers suffer from mood instability starting in the first week after giving birth. Dubbed the “baby blues”, it is often dismissed as a normal part of birth recovery. Since the hormonal fluctuations at the root of the issue eventually regulate themselves, no treatment is given and women are left to cope on their own.

For thousands of years, the placenta has been considered a powerful medicine that can support a woman during her healing journey after birth – During pregnancy, its sacred responsibilities include providing nourishment to the baby, allowing the baby to breathe through her mama, secreting hormones that regulate and maintain pregnancy, and blocking any harmful substances from the baby.

Step 1

We mail you a placenta collection/shipment kit that will have everything you need to ship us back your placenta. This will include:

A cardboard box to ship your placenta
An ice chest
A Whirl Pak bag
A small leak proof container
2 ice packs
One large ziplock bag
A roll of tape
A zip tie
Prepaid overnight label (already on the cardboard box)

Step 2

On the day you deliver your baby, bring: 1) The ice chest 2) The Whirl Pak bag 3) The leak proof container with you. You will give the Whirl Pak bag and the leak proof container to your nurse and tell her, “I am keeping my placenta and I want the placenta to be placed into the Whirl Pak bag and I want that put into the leak proof container.” Once you have delivered your baby, the nurse will have you sign a release form and will then give you your placenta (in the container). You will then put your placenta into the ice chest and keep it on ice (the hospital will provide ice) until you or someone with you is able to take it home.

Step 3

When you are home, put your placenta into the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. This will ensure that your placenta stays cold and preserves the freshness.

Step 4

Shipping out your placenta:

1. Take the ice packs and the container with your placenta in it, out of the freezer and place them into the ice chest.
2. Zip tie the ice chest shut.
3. Put the ice chest into the large ziplock bag (this will help catch the perspiration and keep the cardboard box dry).
4. Place the ice chest into the cardboard shipping box.
5. Tape it up.
6. Take to the nearest UPS store.

Step 5

Drop off your box at any UPS store on a MONDAY OR TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY MORNING ONLY. This is the only way to ensure overnight shipment through UPS.

Step 6

We will receive your package on the next day. We will encapsulate your placenta and then overnight your capsules back to you once they are completed.

Please call us at 951-290-3130 if you have any question.



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