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Pelvic Floor Health Bliss and Baby Co
Pelvic Floor Health Bliss and Baby Co
Pelvic Floor Health
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Pelvic Health Tincture is designed to help strengthen the uterine ligaments, strengthening the bladder and the rectum. This tincture support suffers from muscle and tissue damage in the pelvic area.  The formulation herbs are recommended by herbal experts to promote the healing of scars in damage connective tissue or muscle. 

Ingredients: Yarrow, Ocotillo, Mullein Root, Cleavers, Red Root, Violet

Yarrow-(Achillea millefolium) is a perennial plant from the Asteraceae family. It’s the best-known species of the genus Achillea due to its various therapeutic uses in both folk and conventional medicine. Yarrow has been used to induce sweating and to stop wound bleeding. It also has been reported to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and pain. It has been used to relieve GI ailments, for cerebral and coronary thromboses, to lower high blood pressure, to improve circulation, and to tone varicose veins.

Ocotillo - Ocotillo, or Fouquieria splendins, is a desert shrub that grows throughout the Southwestern United States, primarily in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. Native Americans place the flowers and roots of ocotillo over fresh wounds to slow bleeding. Ocotillo is also used to alleviate coughing, achy limbs, varicose veins, urinary tract infections, cervical varicosities, and benign prostate growths.

Mullein Root - Mullein, Mule tail or Kidney medicine is traditionally used as a root and flower tea for kidney dysfunction. The root and leaves are also made into tea to help with female menstrual cycles.
Cleavers- Cleavers has long been used as a slimming aid, probably because of its diuretic properties. Worldwide, cleaver's most common use has been as a cleansing herb for treating ailments from kidney and urinary disorders to infections and itching. 

Red Root-Red root has a long history of use in traditional Native American medicine. People brewed the root as a tea and used it to treat colds, fever, pneumonia, digestive problems, toothaches, and urinary tract infections in women.

Violet-Violet's most famous use is to dissolve cysts, lumps, and fibrotic tissue of the breast. The violet leaf is believed to improve the body’s resistance to disease and infection, internally and externally. For example, in the 12th century, Hildegard of Bingen applied violet salve to dissolve lumps and cysts, which is still an effective remedy today.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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