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Advance Birth Doula
Advance Birth Doula
Advance Birth Doula
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The Pregnancy Period – Like a butterfly, we all experience it differently.

The reality of today's lifestyles is that extended family and close-knit community support do not exist in American families for the postpartum period as it does in other countries and cultures.  Family and friends already have full-time jobs and their own families. 

Couples are having babies later in life, therefore grandparents are older and do not have the energy needed to care for the new mother and her baby. So, here comes the services of Postpartum Care, bringing joy and happiness to your life.

Being a professional, let me nurture you and your family during this special time in your life – Probably, it’s one of the most exciting, yet emotional times of your life. We are honored to support mothers and partners throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Offering a variety of services and support to families to help mothers achieve the birth they desire.

Prenatal Preparation

  • Home Prenatal Session – 02 effective hands-on sessions, where I will answer any questions you or your partner may have, help you process your birth and the emotions regarding parenthood, provide resources for any additional help if needed.
  • Baby & Bliss Resource Library – Valuable, informative, yet unique resources regarding pregnancy, postpartum, and labor.

Labor Support

  • Birth Support – In your crucial time, we never leave you alone and available at your doorstep no matter wherever you are, either at home, hospital, or birth center and will be there till you’re comfortable.
  • On-Call Support – If you feel uncomfortable at any moment, don’t worry because we will be connected with you 24/7 via calling service; it will be started after 37 weeks of gestation.

Postpartum Care

  • Initial Lactation Support – I can help the nursing mother realize her potential by helping her successfully set up her milk supply not only to feed her babies but to see them thrive and grow.
  • 1-in-1 Home Follow-up – Within 48 hours, we will reflect on your birth story, provide holistic healing to support recovery, and share valuable resources.

Key Benefits

  • We (Doula Mother) take care of the new mother emotionally and physically.
  • As your postpartum doula, I bring back the honor and care the new mother deserves.
  • We give special recognition and rest helping to speed the mother’s recovery.
  • Extra hands-free up more time for sharing of responsibilities.
  • More time for bonding with baby and rekindling mom and dad’s relationships.
  • We’re trained to provide breastfeeding and bottle feeding support.
  • The positive reinforcement of a postpartum doula equals less anxiety and stress, thus also adds to speed mothers recovery time.

My Working Ethics?

Before entering into the contract – Let’s get comfortable with each other. In this regard, I like to meet with all family members in person before we get to work to see if it’s the right fit or not.




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