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Renter Manual

Cloth diapering today is a powerful choice that’s better for our environment and your babies bottom.  Today 100% cloth diapers and updated accessories make cloth diapering an easy alternative to disposable diapers.  Here’s some quick facts

Diaper Service Laundered

17,222 sq. feet*

Home Laundered

24,757 sq. feet


46,284 sq. feet



Diaper Inventory: On your 1st delivery and 2nd delivery you will receive the full number of diapers. Thereafter, you will be on a rotation system.  The number of diapers you turn in one week will be returned to you the next week.

Diaper Handling: Every week your diapers will be delivered in a wet bag.  Use this wet bag to liner your hamper.  On your delivery day close the bag and leave it in the desired location.  If you forget to put out your diapers you can bring them to our diaper service class or a special pickup can be made for $10.00.

What diapers do I return: When

starting your diaper service you only return solid diapers until you’re ready to end diaper service.

Diaper Rash Cream: Not all diaper rash creams can be used on cloth diapers.  Please call us or review or family page to review approved cloth diaper creams.  There is a $3.50 charge for prefold and $5.00 charge for insert that are damaged do to diaper rash cream.

TOO many clean diapers: If you find you have TOO many clean diapers please give us a call and we will pick them up on our delivery day.

Paying for diaper service: Once your package has ended you may sign up for auto pay.  Diaper service is billed monthly.  You may also pay by check.

Our diapers grow with your baby: Just let us know when you feel like your baby ready for the next size up. We carry 5 different sizes.

Covers:  Rental covers are YOU’RE to launder.  Wash in warm water with bleach, enzymes and brightener free detergent.

Diaper service in a rental.  Minimum service is 4 weeks.