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Welcome to Pishposh Diaper Co.  We have some excited new additions to our diapers! 

New Diaper Service

Fitted Cloth Diaper Service

The Pumpkin Patch is constructed of a vibrant Green outer layer of micro-terry for absorbency and inner layer of orange polar fleece to leave babies skin feeling dry.

The inner absorbent layer is made from a contoured cotton/rayon soaker pad. It is super absorbent and very durable. With elasticized legs, and back, this diaper is sure to be a good fit and keep messes inside. 


No Fold Diaper Service

24 Covers and 70 Inserts

3-in-1 diaper is the original diaper designed to be used as an “All-in-1”, “All-in-2” AND “pocket diaper” utilizing our strategic snap-in configurations. We know that choosing the best system for you is impossible unless you have a chance to try them all.

  • Stuff the soaker in the pocket and use it as a Pocket Diaper
  • Lay the soaker on top of the diaper and snap it in place to use it as an All-in-2
  • Snap the soaker completely inside the pocket to use it as an All-in-1