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FAQ - Diaper Service

Why use cloth Diapers?

There are many benefits of cloth diapers!  A new generation of parents are choosing cloth diapers for a variety of reasons.  The decision to use cloth or disposable diapers is an important one, owing to issues ranging from convenience, health, cost, and their effect on the environment.

Check out this Top 10 Reasons to Cloth Diaper from Susan K Dodge-Doak that was posted at… We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

How does a cloth diaper service cost compare to using disposables?

Pishposh Diaper Co structures her costs to be comparable to using disposables.  The environmental impact of cloth as compared to disposable diapers has been studies several times.  A study sponsored by the National Association of Diaper Services (NADS) found that disposable diapers produce seven times mores solid waste when discarded and three times more waste in the manufacturing process.  In addition, effluents from the plastic, pulp, and paper industries are far more hazardous than those from the cotton-growing and -manufacturing processes.

Please remember some other important points:  Using a cloth diaper service is not only a green choice but a convenient one.  Diapers are delivered to your door making it one less thing that you have on your To Do list. Because of our supply system, it’s highly unlikely you will ever run out of diapers and have to make that midnight run!  Finally, babies in cloth diapers usually potty-train earlier meaning it’s likely you’ll be done changing diapers earlier.

Why a service?

A diaper service such as Pishposh Diaper Co gives families the opportunity to participate in all of the benefits without having to wash the dirties at home themselves.

A cloth diaper service also gives families a chance to try cloth diapering out without the long-term financial commitment if they are unsure that they’ll stick with it.  It’s also a great choice if parents don’t have the money to invest in building up the necessary supply to launder on their own.

Other parents are fully-committed to the choice and will want to launder at home eventually.  They choose to use a cloth diaper service for the first couple of months while life with a newborn is especially hectic!  We’re fine with that too.

Using a service vs. laundering on your own

Some San Diego and Riverside families are already using cloth diapers and laundering on their own.  This is tremendous!  But for those of us who can’t or aren’t willing to take on the laundering ourselves, Pishposh Diaper Co offers the option of participating in the benefits without dealing directly with the poo.

Think of it as a choice you make when you wash your car:  Some people choose to wash their cars themselves.  However, others choose to use a car wash – maybe for ease and because it uses less natural resources.

Whether you ultimately decide to use a service or launder at home, we support the increased use of cloth diapers across the San Diego and Riverside area as a good idea for a healthy planet and happy baby.

How does Pishposh Diaper Co work?

Pishposh Diaper Co offers weekly pickup and delivery of fresh and soft cotton diapers to your home, work or childcare location.

Your address will determine delivery day.  Our current delivery areas include the city of San Diego, most San Diego County suburbs and Riverside County. We do service select areas of Orange County.

Diapers will arrive clean and sanitary to your doorstep. Please remove the clean diapers from the bag and store them appropriately.  You will use the bag in which the diapers arrive to line the pail.

On your delivery day remove the entire bag from the pail and set your dirty diapers on the front porch.  The Pishposh will replace it with a clean bag of cloth diapers.  It’s that easy!

Where does Pishposh Diaper Co?

The Pishposh Diaper co delivers weekly to neighborhoods throughout the county of San Diego, most suburbs and select areas of Riverside, Orange County.  If you think your location is outside of our normal route, please contact us to double check!  Certain areas outside of our normal delivery area can be added but will require a delivery fee.

Not within our delivery area?  Please call to inquire about alternative delivery locations such as delivery to work, grandma’s house, your daycare/babysitters, or a meet up place to exchange drops.

Is it easier to have your diapers delivered and picked up from another location?  Your place of work?  Your daycare?  That’s not a problem.

Do I need diaper covers?

Yes and we are happy to help you find the best option! Families are responsible for the wash and care of the covers. Diaper covers and their care instructions vary by manufacturer.  Please refer to the washing instructions issued by each manufacturer to maintain the quality of your cover and to assure you do not void warranties.

What else can I use these Cloth Diapers for?

Because you are participating in a rental service, you are only allowed to use Pishposh Diaper Co cloth diapers for your baby’s bottom or as a soft burp cloth that’s added to our laundry, not yours.  Our cloth diapers should never be used as cleaning rags, to polish cars or other household or industrial activities.

Our laundering procedures are very specific to gently cleaning the diaper.  Using Pishposh Diaper Co cloth diapers for other purposes can compromise the quality of our products as well as the health of your baby’s skin. 

What if I am not home for delivery?

There’s no reason to be home.  We make cloth diapering easy as can be!  Simply leave your diapers in the predetermined spot on your delivery day.  You don’t need to be home to accept the clean diapers either.  We’ll leave them for you.  At your pre-arrival, we’ll establish a place where diapers can be left regardless of the weather conditions.

Do I have to rinse the diapers first?

With an exclusively breastfed baby all you have to do is take the diaper off your baby and put it in the diaper pail.

When your baby begins to eat solid foods or making more solid stool, please shake it into the toilet before you put the diaper into the diaper pail.  A flushable or disposable liner may make this easier. This will cut down on diaper staining as well as odor, as poop belongs in the potty.  Our washing process will take care of the rest.  Some parents find it best to invest $20-$30 into a diaper sprayer that attaches to you toilet and can gently “blast” off sticky stool.

What about odors?

We will provide a deodorizing disk monthly for the top of your pail.  However, contrary to popular belief, there is no additional smell in the nursery when using cloth diapers.  We’ve found it’s about the same (or even less) than disposables  The lidded diaper pail does a great job of keeping diaper smells inside.  Additionally, these diapers are all cotton – no chemicals to sit in.  The only smell you really have would be upon opening the bag you may get a “whiff” of what’s in there but other than that you should be pretty smell free.  We’ve found it’s about the same (or even less) than disposables.

Will I get the same diapers back?

Due to the laundering process awe are able to return the same diapers back each week.  We follow a laundering process recommended by the Real Diaper Industry Association. 

How many diapers do I need?

The first few weeks call for many diapers. Most first-time parents find it takes somewhere around 80 diapers a week for a newborn.  When you reach the point where you consistently have 20 or so diapers unused at the end of a week, then it’s time to decrease your stock.  Simply leave them out in a bag next to the soiled diapers, with a note or please let us know ahead of time. 

Long term, if you plan on using our diaper service throughout your child’s diapering years, you will probably be with us for about 24 months.

When do I need to change diaper sizes?

We offer four sizes of unbleached cotton pre-folds.  We carry diapers to fit preemie babies through toddlers up to 45 lbs.  Most families start in our infant diaper which usually accommodates babies between 7 – 15 pounds.  Regular sized diapers are for babies 15-30+ pounds.  When changing sizes, be sure to turn in all of the smaller size diapers within two weeks of the time you call to request the change, so we can be sure to get all diapers changes to the larger size.  You will need to change wrap sizes more frequently

What if I miss a pick up?

We will leave your next load of diapers there for you with a “Sorry We Missed You” card, that will tell you that we were there and your diapers weren’t.  We understand that parenting is busy work and things get forgotten.  That’s why we provide one missed deliveries through our Terms and Conditions with no penalties.  After that, each missed delivery will result in a $7.00 charge.  If you do miss a pick-up, please call our offices as soon as you can, to arrange a pick up if possible.

How and when do I pay?

Our service is billed monthly in advance.  We accept payment in cash, check, PayPal or credit card (MC/V/Am Exp/Discover).  Paid service is non-refundable.  Cash or check payments should be secured with multiple staples to the outside of the plastic bag filled with dirties.  To begin service, we require 6 weeks payment with new account start up.

If you’re gifting someone with diaper service, we will bill you directly.

I’m interested in registering for Pishposh Diaper Co for my upcoming baby shower.  Can you do that?

Absolutely!  Cloth Diaper Service makes a great gift and can help new parents cover the cost of diapers for weeks or months.  If you are interested in creating a registry or purchasing delivery for a new mom as a gift, please contact us!  We’ll be glad to help!

Can I hold my service?

Yes! We allow 1 week of vacation holds per 12 weeks of service.  

What if I start service and decide I don’t like it?

We’re not gonna kid you – like anything else that is new and unfamiliar, cloth diapering does take practice in the beginning.  Some people love it immediately and pick it up with no problem;  others take a week or two to get used to it.

We advise that you stick with it for at least the initial six weeks to really get the feeling of things.  If you feel overwhelmed (not unusual for new parents!) you can always continue to use disposables now and then during the learning phase.  If, after your initial period is up, you feel that you just can’t get it, you may cancel service.  Prepaid service is not refundable so if your unsure please start with a month to month package. You’ll return the diaper pail and remaining clean diapers to us and be on your way.