1. Deep Freeze 
    Your frozen breastmilk is placed inside a chamber where temperatures drop to below -40ºF.
  2. Pressure Drop 
    Air inside the chamber is removed using a pump, dropping the pressure and creating a vacuum.
  3. Drying  
    Cycles of warmer and cooler air cause ice crystals inside the frozen breastmilk to vaporize (without thawing the breastmilk) leaving behind your nutrient dense, superfood breastmilk powder, a.k.a. instant breastmilk.
  4. Package
    Your freeze dried breastmilk powder is then packaged into convenient, resealable bags and ready to use, whenever, wherever!  Our specially designed Booby Food bags protect against air, light, oxygen and moisture.  We place a moisture absorber in every package to further protect your Booby Food when travelling to more humid areas.
  5. Triple Clean, Disinfect & Sanitize
    Bliss And Baby Co follows very strict health and safety guidelines set forth by Riverside County Health Services, and goes above and beyond to prevent cross-contamination. This triple cleaning procedure is performed after every single batch, even if the same client has multiple batches to freeze dry.

Only ONE client’s breastmilk is freeze dried at a time.

We never place different clients breastmilk in the same chamber