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Fitted Diaper Service Bliss and Baby Co
Fitted Diaper Service Bliss and Baby Co
Fitted Diaper Service Bliss and Baby Co
Fitted Diaper Service Bliss and Baby Co
Fitted Diaper Service
In stock
  • Newborn 4-10 lbs
  • Infant 9-20 lbs
  • toddler 20- 40 lbs
  • 4 weeks $100


Fitted Diaper Service

Note: This service requires a diaper cover

Introducing a super alternative to disposable diapers!

Are you fed up with using cheap disposable diapers that are equally harmful to your babies as well as for the planet? Don’t worry because we bring you the most fantastic solution in terms of Fitted Diaper Service. It’s similar to disposable in terms of fitting but friendlier to the planet.

Our Fitted Diaper Service is adjustable in both size and absorbency – Adjust the size as your baby grows from about 8 lbs. to 35 lbs. (4-16 kg.). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store, a long car ride, or even overnight. There are snaps to adjust the sizing, and there are snap closures on this version.

Key Features

  • Product Material – Our fitted diaper service provides the highest-quality product, making it soft and suitable for a baby’s skin.
  • Exquisite Design – We crafted this product with love and care, making it perfect for babies, uplifting their style statement.
  • Easy to Wear – We crafted this product with mommy in mind, making it easy to wear that comes with a snap closure feature.
  • Easy to Adjust – Due to its snap closure feature, our diapers become adjustable, just like the disposable ones for growing babies.

Key Benefits

  • Highly Absorbent – Our ingeniously designed diapers are highly absorbent, preventing rashes and keeping your baby comfortable.
  • Affordable Solution – Fitted diapers seem like a huge investment, but in actuality, it’s incredibly convenient on your pocket as compared to disposable diapers available in the market.
  • Premium Washing – Our cloth diapers are professionally washed in hot water, pH balanced, and sanitized while retaining their softness and absorbency, making them perfect yet ready for baby to wear.
  • Pick & Delivery – We will both deliver to your door and pick up our 100% compostable diapers and take them to a local facility. This eliminates the need for the cost of an extra garbage can.


  • On the first and second delivery, you will receive the full order.  After that, diapers are in the rotation, where the amount returned is the amount you will get returned the following week.
  • If you’re going on a vacation, then don’t forget to inform us.

Diaper quantities:

  • Preemies and Infant 80 per week/ 160 total rotation
  • Infant 70 / 140 total rotation
  • Med 60/120 rotation
  • Toddler 50 / 100 rotation

Please note this service requires a cover.

What's included:

  • Cloth Diaper
  • Diaper pail liner
  • Delivery and pickup of your diapers


Suppose you do not have your own diaper covers and need more than just cloth diapers. We have beautiful diaper covers, and hand-made washable baby wipes available for rent as well. Check our amazing cloth wipe solution.

Additional Info:
Our Bliss and Baby Co Service will give you the basics to get starting in cloth diapering your little one.

Diaper Rotation
On your first and second deliveries, you will receive the full number of diapers & wipes ordered. Thereafter you will be on a rotation system, meaning that the number of diapers that you turn in one week will be returned to you the following week.
You are billed for the number of diapers & wipes you are ordering (renting) each week, not the amount you use.

Note: The above weights are guidelines. Every baby is shaped differently, and there’s really no right or wrong time to make a size change. If the diaper you are using is no longer absorbing as well as it had been, it might be time to change sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.

Before you purchase our cloth diaper service, please read through our terms and agreements.
Vacation :
On vacation or need a break, don’t worry. There is no minimum purchase on the weeks of service. We love vacation too!
Please allow a 4 week lead time.

Fitted Cloth Diaper Service from Tayna Chessman on Vimeo.






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