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Placenta Tincture Bliss and Baby Co
Placenta Tincture Bliss and Baby Co
Placenta Tincture
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Placenta Tincture is a very potent remedy and a firm favorite with clients because of its healing properties, versatility, and ease of use. Making a Placenta Tincture increases the longevity of your placenta so you feel the benefits for longer.

It is a concentrated alcohol solution that contains the powerful nutrients and hormones of your placenta to provide balance when your body needs it. The placenta is also a brilliant source of stem cells and a tincture allows for perfect preservation without cooking or dehydration.

We make our Placenta Tincture with 125ml of premium Organic Grain Alcohol (60% Vol), diluted with 75ml of Distilled Water. The final product is ready between two to four weeks of birth and if stored properly can last a lifetime.

The Placenta Tincture can stabilize hormones and increase energy levels. It can be used during times of stress or transition.

It is an excellent option for those wanting a remedy to support them through menopause.

Placenta Tincture is an extra bonus in that it can be used in addition to your capsules and brings different healing properties.

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