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The Bliss and Baby Co. Cloth Diaper Washing Process

Bliss and Baby Co. is the ONLY diaper service in San Diego that send their diaper out for independent testing. Our diapers are sent to the diaper association approved lab and regularly tested. This testing process is much more rigorous than the standard testing performed by diaper service soap companies. This testing ensures that the cloth on your baby is the cleanest cloth held to highest industry standards.

Our process of cleaning the diapers is very environmentally friendly. In fact, it is much more environmentally friendly than home-laundering because there is less water and detergent used per diaper.

We have industrial washers and dryers, designed specifically for this industry, that have a 8-step process of high heat, soaping, soaking, flushing. The detergents and chemicals used are in very precise, measured amounts. The entire process brings the cloth diapers back to the same ph balance as your baby’s skin, which is verified regularly by an outside source, to ensure all residue has been rinsed out of the diapers. The detergents and chemicals used are not all natural because, at this time, there is not a product offered for diaper services that is all natural. We are using products that are as close to natural as possible, such as, enzymes to break down the waste to be flushed out of the diapers. Sanitary conditions are the most important part of our business. However, because of the entire process, the diapers are thoroughly rinsed so there will not be any chemicals left in the fibers.

In the end, it is your baby’s bottom against soft, clean, 100% cotton, vs a chemical laden disposable diaper that saturates our landfills for 200-500 years.

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